Online Consignment: A Summary

By now I have (somewhat) successfully tested three online consignment services; PoshMark, ThredUp and I was surprised by some of the results, entertained by others, and annoyed by a few. To better understand what started this and my process, make sure to read my introduction post to reducing the clutter. First, let’s break down how […]


The Good, The Bad, and ThredUp: Online Consigning Part 4

Check out the other posts in this series for the back story on my reducing the clutter and turning to online consigning via PoshMark,, and ThredUp: Reducing the Clutter: Online Consigning Part 1 Online Consigning: PoshMark Review Online Consignment: Review Oh man. Ok, this is funny. I’m still laughing as I type this. […]


Online Consignment: Review

I’m doing a series on my experience with online consigning. Check out my introductory online consigning post here. Also make sure you read Part 2 about PoshMark. After my initial excitement of PoshMark wore off and I hadn’t heard from either one of the other services ( or ThredUp), I was starting to feel pretty […]


Online Consignment: PoshMark Review

Be sure to check out Part 1 of this series to get background on my mission of reducing the clutter. As I mentioned in Part 1, PoshMark is completely different than the other two services I am using to clean out my closet and reduce the clutter. Instead of the lazy man’s online consignment shopping (stuff it […]


Apple Crumble Muffins

(I got some awesome feedback and comments on my Reducing the Clutter post. Stay tuned because I’m going to do more posts on them individually as I go through the process.) Everyone is freaking out about pumpkin season and I’m over here like “the more apples the better!” I realize I’probably a minority but I […]


Reducing the Clutter: Online Consignment Part 1

When we moved back in July I was struck with the same feeling I always am whenever faced with moving everything I own; “Oy. Why do I own all of this crap?” And since I’m sharing a closet for the first time since college, I couldn’t just shove my extra stuff inside and forget about […]


Navy-Air Force Half Marathon Recap

I initially wrote this post right after the Navy-Air Force half and had every intention of posting it the following week. But as I mulled over what I wrote, I realized it was far more negative sounding than I intended. Simply put, this wasn’t the best race and there were a lot of pit falls, […]