Navy-Air Force Half Marathon Recap

I initially wrote this post right after the Navy-Air Force half and had every intention of posting it the following week. But as I mulled over what I wrote, I realized it was far more negative sounding than I intended. Simply put, this wasn’t the best race and there were a lot of pit falls, […]


UncommonGoods: Unique Gifts Meet Sustainability

You know those gifts that somebody gets you and they are the perfect mix of useful, playful, and meaningful? Those are the ones you then find yourself trying to find an appropriate way to ask where they got the gift without seeming like you’re intending to return it (quite the opposite)! Over the last few […]


An Alaskan Adventure

A while back a friend gave me a gorgeous printed graphic that says “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. Today it sits in our living room, right under a giant map of the world and across the room from a push pin map of “Our World Travels”. To see the […]


Energy: It’s Up to Us – BU on GG Guest Post

Continuing on the energy trend, this week one Boston University student looked at how our energy landscape is changing… and why it’s going to take time, energy (literally), and money. You may be tempted to pass off the topic of energy conservation and efficiency as “not your problem” but give this one a read before […]


Controversial Nuclear Energy for the Future: BU on GG

Given the recent news about nuclear warfare, Farah’s post is incredibly timely and relevant. Nuclear energy is something that at times gets lost somewhere between the blur of “more green” energy (i.e. wind, solar, etc) and the negative connotations of nuclear weapons. If you haven’t really thought much about nuclear energy before, this one is […]