Embracing A Holistic Lifestyle

  I have a quick interview coming your way today and then I’m signing off for a bit. We’re off on a spur of the moment trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Denver! Marissa Vicario was kind enough to offer me a sneak peek at her new book, , coming out next month. While this book […]

CSA Meals and Nasoya

I first started Gathering Green as a place to catalog my first ever CSA and share my recipes and meals made from my veggies and fruit. At the time I lived in a small apartment and shared a kitchen with two other people so making elaborate recipes became harder and harder. Then life got in […]

The Weekly Gather – May 6

{Image via} This has been one of those weeks that my mind has been on overdrive. I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep, in fact Ryan hates me for that. I’m one of those people who falls asleep within minutes seconds of getting into bed. But this week I’ve had more than one night where […]

Update on Greening my Cosmetics

It’s definitely been one of those weeks. Ok or two weeks. Work stuff is going on, the hours in the evening seem to be shrinking despite having more daylight, and it’s wedding season…which means tons and tons of travel and spending $$ but for all seriously amazingly, fun events! That’s all to say… it’s been […]

Living A Sustainable Life Year-Round

It’s been a very quiet week around here which feels counter intuitive since it is Earth Day today. But it’s just been one of those weeks for sure. Our refrigerator looks like we’re on a strict diet (of not eating), pretty sure there are wrinkled clothes in my dryer from Sunday, and I’m definitely going to […]

The Weekly Gather – April 15

{Image via} For this week’s weekly gather I’m all over the place. So many random reads to bring you into the weekend. Looks like it’s going to be a slow weekend over here which is just what I need. Enjoy!   -For any male readers, or females buying for their men, – take a look at […]

The Other Pay Gap

Warning… personal piece coming at you. If you’re not into introspection and somewhat random, not-directly-related-to-sustainability posts I’d skip this read and come back on Friday for my Weekly Gather ; ) You may heard via social media or news outlets that yesterday was Equal Pay Day. I liked the Instagram posts, read the Facebook stories, and […]